Carpet Repair

With over 20 years experience we can make ripples in your carpet disappear. Burn holes? Bleach Stains? Iron Blemish? Gone! Before you replace that unsightly carpet, call us! We can help you with carpet repairs and save you hundreds of dollars! We use state of the art equipment and know all the trade secrets.

  • Carpet Stretching, Carpet Re-Stretching
  • Carpet Patching, Carpet Patch
  • Carpet Tack Strip Installation/Repair
  • Burn Holes
  • Carpet Re-Tucking
  • Seam Repair
  • Bleach Marks
  • Red Stains
  • Pad Replacement
  • When does your carpet need stretching?

    If you have wrinkles in your carpet then it is time to stretch your carpet. This can be caused by poor installation, heavy traffic or the carpet is just aging.

  • Why to stretch right away?

    Main Reasons:

    1. Delaying the carpet stretching job can lead to permanent damage. If it stays too long the carpet can scar and may not ever lay flat again.
    2. Over time as people step on the carpet wrinkle it will start to crack and then rip.
    3. It can be a hazard issue by tripping over the wrinkles, especially for the elderly. When the carpet snags your foot it is easy to loose balance. A simple way to know if it’s time to stretch is go to the center of the room and grab the carpet. Try to lift it up and then let go. If the carpet does not snap right back into place then you need to have your carpet re-stretched. Call Honu Clean and we will give you a free estimate to stretch your carpet.

Carpet Stretch