Pet Odor Removal Service

Keep your carpets smelling great, even with pets!

Pet Odor – Pets quickly become an irreplaceable part of the family. Luckily the odors that they leave behind don’t have to be as permanent if you get a professional cleaner to help you eliminate these odors. With specially-trained technicians and powerful yet safe solutions, our proven methods can kill the bacteria that produce these odors and save your home from these nasty smells and odors.

It is very important that you completely remove the odor from pet stains right away. If you don’t, it could quickly become a common place for your pet to use as a bathroom over and over again. After a couple of times it will be hard to get it out and it will soak through the padding on the bottom of the floors.

Pet urine is able to deeply penetrate your carpets fast. This isn’t a surface stain but one that gets into the carpet fibers, into to the backing of the carpet as well as the padding. The fact that there are many layers that the urine affects is why those smells linger and bacteria can develop. The way to solve the problem is to remove it from each of these layers of the carpeting. We will carefully evaluate the depth of the problem and then work from there. We will only use the products necessary to take care of the problem. We don’t use anything that will mask the problem because we are dedicated to making it disappear completely.

In the most severe cases it may be necessary for the padding on the back of the carpet to be replaced and sealing the foundation but taking care of it early will prevent big problems for you later on.

There is no denying that it can be a huge challenge to deal with our pets. If you can keep your home clean with them, then it will also be a healthy environment for all to enjoy.

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